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3D design, the build and organization of temporary brand worlds. We design, organize, build and arrange fairs, venues and stands with only one goal in mind:

To translate your strategy, your idea, your concept into a 3 dimensional experience for your customers.

We're used to working with your strategy, advertising or design company and we're not in competition with them! It always surprises us how everybody wants to be the strategy or concept party, while we're more the hands on type. We feel it is our duty and our strength to translate your idea into a design that works and fits in your budget.


We start with an 3D impression where you can walk through and experience the way it will feel for your customers. The photos of the venue are like stills taken from this realistic 3D impression.

From this 3D impression we'll draw the plan: time, money and organization.
Plain and simple.

With our strong organizing capabilities we are able to deliver within a tight schedule that every venue requires. With our very experienced building and designing crew plus our production team, we're able to deliver what we promise.


In the last decade we've worked with companies like:

  • Nokia (Finland)
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • World Museum (Rotterdam)
  • Unilever (Netherlands)
  • Jack Morton Agency (UK)
  • Touch Worldwide (UK)
  • Moving Brands (UK)
  • Contra Agency (Finland)

Edu Calicher:


Our office is located in an old church in the centre of the Rotterdam harbor. From this traditional and international location we control the projects all over Europe. Cities where we've created venues for our clients are for example:

  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • Monaco
  • Stuttgart